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​Kamadevi Carla Zürcher began Yoga classes at 15 years old, following workshops held by the Sri Sri Ravi Shankar foundation with training in the Kriya Yoga system accompanied with the practice of silence to go deeper into states of personal reflection. She states that Yoga has been part of her life since birth; at the age of six I was drawing images of people in asanas (postures) 
whilst they were actually doing other activities. Prior to that, perceptions of the spirit world were visible to me and thus my direct experiences are my key catalyst in enriching inner awakening. Discovering the essence of BEING at a young age brought her to be a leading example of what Yoga emanates: an integral relationship of action / body Karma yoga, wisdom / mind Jnana yoga, devotion / emotion Bhakti yoga and energy Kriya yoga, for the soul / true self, Ātman to be revealed.




Her travels to India (2005 – 2006) at the age of 19, was the start of profound studies in pranayama techniques, the 8 limbs of Yoga, Ayurveda and Tantric philosophy with authentic and traditional masters. Pursuing retreats in ashrams remarkably the Haidrikhan Babaji program in Haidrikhan situated along the sacred Ganga River and Mount Kailash. She has taken part in workshops under Osho and also Yogi Bajan’s teachings, which are focused on Kundalini Yoga and dynamic breathing. The teachings of Ramana Maharshi, Advaita (non-dualism) have been supporting her deepened understanding of consciousness, mindfulness and how these practices are keys to heightening inner contentment. Through this Yogic journey she has been able to discover her own methods of teaching and transmitting the way of Yoga, Self Realization and holistic living. This has been enhanced, by being a certified Reiki practitioner, along with completing on numerous occasions Vipassana ten-day silent mediation, facilitated by Dr. Goinka, one of India’s most ancient techniques of meditation, taught for more then 2500 years. 


When in Varanasi, known as one of the holiest cities in India and internationally reputed for its University of Sanskrit, Carla met Parmatma Oshi Guru Devi. Being received by Oshi Guru Devi as a Spiritual Mother, Carla was initiated as Kamadevi. This pinnacle brought a turning point in Kamadevi’s Yogic growth and she continues to meet with her Spiritual Mother, pursuing time for contemplation and the transmission of Yoga. Oshi Guru Devi states; I gave the name Kamadevi according to the vibration of her Shakti (the female principle of divine energy). She is the Goddess transcending desire in its Divine kingdom. Transmitting the warmth of sensual touch, embracing Universal Love and Nobel desire, respecting manifested life in all levels, she incarnates Natural Spiritual Ecology. She is the one to embrace and transmit the complete natural divine life, insufflating her powerful blow and charisma to anyone meeting her in essential disposition.


During this period she was initiated to teach Hatha Yoga in the authentic way - under the vision of a dedicated Yogi Ved Ji with whom she was studding with, he foresaw: when you return to your country after two weeks you shall be asked to teach and you will. These modern day certifications will come later just remain yourself - being in tune to The Universal Guidance and your quest. His prediction unfolded and she continued paving the way.




While accomplishing her fine arts degree in Geneva (2007 – 2011) she taught diverse classes; in a wellness studio Le Cabinet 22, pregnancy yoga, private classes for handicapped, group and private Hatha Yoga classes. Organizing in collaboration with other Yogi’s ecstatic dance events, and teaching group Yoga classes at the United Nations (UNHCR). In 2012 Kamadevi taught the Yoga sessions of the 10-day silent Anapanasati meditation at the Suan Mok Monastery in Thailand. Thereafter she followed the Agama Hatha Yoga Teacher Training and is affiliated with Yoga Alliance (800 hours).


Kamadevi has work experience as a holistic consultant initiating the Chakra Wellness Program at Fusion Resort & Spa a leading 5 star establishment in Vietnam (2015). She is also the co-founder of Shiva Shakti Tantra and started in 2018 hosting Tantra Yoga Teacher Trainings (200 hours, Yoga Alliance certified), in collaboration with Yogini Gopika and in affiliation with Shanti Yoga Ashram, Nepal.


Since 2015 she has been offering regular workshops and retreats from; woman’s work, classical Tantra yoga, meditative immersions, intensive Hatha yoga and inner-transformational workshops, along with drop-in yoga classes, and holistic therapy work, in Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa. Kamadevi has a well-versed approach, is open-minded and free-spirited. Her travels and consideration to cultural differences have enabled her to work accordingly within varied contexts, individually and with groups.


One of my aims is in empowering individuals to realize their Highest Potential and aspirations. As a transformative leader I am here to serve in loving truth, which will facilitate a recognition and remembrance that it is all within. By mirroring and supporting your subtle and radical transitions into a more sublime self.




Holistic bodywork has been part of Kamadevi’s life journey; she was guided to create a method she calls Intuitive Massage based on feeling into the person’s psycho-emotional needs. Kamadevi uses her vast experience in a concise manner; her strong presence opens the channel for transmission to occur, with aspects of reiki, chakra healing, aromatherapy, breath-work and trigger-point release along with her natural shamanic approach, one is lead into opening-up and releasing any blockages. Leaving one grounded, deeply rested and connected to an authentic expression, her intention is to awaken people into their innate state of inner-harmony, which is ever-present where one experiences equanimity, true love, joy and wellbeing.


Being a Yogini or Inspirer is an ever-evolving path; I continue to develop my aptitude through self-study, direct experience and the everyday unfolding’s of “living and being”. Performing each action with artistry is one of the fragments or fragrances of yoga.




Photo with Oshi Guru Devi, Sri Parmatma Bharat Mata Ji.

Hourance to THE GREAT MOTHER, our Earth GAIA, THE SHAKTI, the creative beauty that softens our minds into a soulful contemplation. Then for the Mothers on my Life Path: So blessed I am, THANKING my Spiritual Mother OSHI GURU DEVI FOR HER SELF REALIZED DIVINE transmission that of abundant love, which awakens and blissfully arises me to my highest potentials. The joyfulness shared, with laughter and smiles that are everlasting in this tapestry of time. As for the punctual confrontations to refine, align, and liberate me from lower states of mind and behavior. No matter how far we many be in the physical, all our meetings have left a memory in my cells and a collage of radiance remains ever-present. Spirit felt you are in my heart, and my inner eye glows with the Immanence of a deepened wisdom that guides me. Thank you for always caring, for Being and imparting that precious state of BEINGNESS. Love you Kamadevi Carla


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