The expression of ones being when it flows to music reveals a synergetic rhythm, which opens spaces within us, bringing immense inspiration, even an epiphany as our depths can emerge and surprise us. Along with the nourished breath and physical cleansing, dance sets you free in mind and body… As the concerns, those hidden complexities dissolve away and a perception of oneself; that of discovery and recognition take form. It is a means to be self-empowered and yet abandoning oneself to a greater force and in doing so we become able in channeling energy.

Dance has been part of my life, and it is a gift when sharing this quality of exploration with others. To simply enter into an artistic form of expressing the many emotions or just letting the self-flow, to the spontaneous outbursts presented.

Ecstatic Dance is an inner/outer journey, an authentic moving meditation where true Presence is experienced. It creates a direct body-mind-spirit connection, allowing our body and inner guide to be our own teachers. With no talking to maintain an introspective and collective atmosphere for a transformational and holistic process to occur, it is a great tool used to liberate oneself via the limits and non-limits that we hold within. The music guides one into a dance that blossoms, letting the spirit awaken and a beautiful weaving of interconnectedness reveal itself.  

​If we seek the real source of the dance, if we go to nature, we find that the dance of the
future is the dance of the past,

the dance of eternity, and has been and always will be the same...

The movement of waves, of winds, of the earth is ever the same lasting harmony. 

- Isadora Duncan​

• Dance an art form

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