Connecting with sacred and aesthetic sexuality as a portal to align with the divine.


During this program we are going to re-establish the body’s natural orgasmicness, able to delight in being you. To be connected with the dance of life, the vitality which moves through you and the art of love. Able to reclaim our right to pleasure which expands rather than depletes. Which harnesses health and inspiration to support a purposeful existing, living and being experience.  


There are many tools for us to re-establish a wholesome sexuality, with the support of Mystical Arts, Tantra and Taoism this will become accessible to you. The essence of this lifeforce which is interwoven in all areas of daily life, is the very nectar of creation, which we were all birthed from. It is our right to honour this union, embracing its ability to heal and not harm. To recognize the celebration of consciousness which is bestowed and to be replenished as sensual grace.


I shall hold a safe space for you to embrace the darkness within, perhaps there is shame watch it become honor. A transcendental force will move you, bringing light, insight and delight where spirituality and sexuality are one.    




  • Those seeking guidance about how to Resensitize The Body and refine your ability to Self-Heal

  • You yearn to experience Sensuous Grace; able to rest in a natural and expanded state of being

  • You are ready to clear out any shame and guilt around sexuality

  • You wish to Cultivate Your Sexual Energy and become more intimately conscious

  • You wish to improve your relationship(s) / or are ready to attract a beloved in your life

  • You feel inspired to Open The Energetics Of The Body, and to experience more intense, full body orgasms

  • You aspire to Lead A Life That Alchemises commonness into marvellousness

  • You seek to establish the courage in Being Yourself and Celebrate Your Sexuality

  • You are ready to go on a Transformational Journey


  •  Payment prior to class (via PayPal, link provided below).

  •  Available in English and French.

  •  We will use Zoom for our sessions. 

  •  We will set up a personal program to reach your goal (if you feel it necessary). 

  •  Between sessions, you’ll dig into inspiring and challenging homework (for integration).

  •  Prior to some of our sessions, I’ll ask you a few questions (via email) to help you explore your intention and overall preparations.



  • Single sessions:  60€  

  • Package option: 500€ for 10 sessions  /  100€ discounted (10 hours).

  • Package option: 275€ for 5 sessions  /  55€ per session (5 hours).