Inside of a lush green forest, surrounded by the abundance of Mother Nature and the ocean breeze; we will come together for the experience of a lifetime. Dedicated and disciplined daily practice within the context of a warm loving family of like minded friends with the same aspiration – to learn and embody all the facets of yoga and to evolve into yoga teachers.


The daily schedule will create a structure giving you the space and support to let go of attachments and fears; while surrendering to the process of transformation.


05:30          -                 wake-up (maintaining silence till breakfast)

06:30          -                 yoga / meditation (2h hours)

08:30          -                 breakfast  (1h30min break)

10:30          -                 lecture (1.5 - 2 hours)

12:30          -                 lunch (1h30min break)

14:30          -                 workshop / teaching practice 

16:30          -                 personal time/ beach time 

18:00          -                 evening program (1 hour)

19:00          -                 dinner

21:00          -                 silence, retire to rooms 


* Evening program will include watching the sunset on the beach, meditations both indoors and outdoors, silent walks, kirtans and other guided practices based on the curriculum.


* Please note that the schedule is subject to change as the course develops depending on various factors.  During the second half of the course as the weather warms up we will move the morning lecture to 10 am and the afternoon practical class to 3 pm. We will always take your needs into consideration.  Please remain open and flexible.


* Sundays will be a free day. 

* We encourage time to go to the beach daily and have a swim, as it is just a 5-minute or 2 minute walk from Bhakti Kutir, depending on which beach you choose.  We are close to Patnem and Palolem beaches.

The comprehensive curriculum of our Yoga Teacher Training Course encompasses a vast range of inspiring topics:

  • Tantra Yoga (5 Yoga System – see section, What Do We Teach?)

  • Yoga Nidra – deep practice to reprogram the subconscious and manifest your dreams

  • Chakra and energy centered yoga practice

  • Yoga community and long-term support from your teachers

  • Teaching Methodology including sequencing, adjusting, teaching standards, etc.

  • Ayurveda and Yogic Anatomy

  • Conscious Expressive Dance / Celebrations

  • Practices to Awaken Intuition

  • Mantra Initiation

  • Special Guests for Satsang and Kirtan

  • Group Beach Trips to Galgibag (a pristine beach that is also a nature reserve)


The following ingredients support our graduates to become successful Yoga instructors:


  • Deeply powerful energy based Hatha Yoga

  • Personal reflection, inner transformations to reveal higher states of consciousness

  • Establishment of a daily meditation practice with various techniques

  • Theoretical understanding of metaphysics and yogic philosophy

  • Experience of a yogic lifestyle (nature based, healthy diet)

  • Physical and energetic comprehension of postures

  • Effective correction training and supervised teaching experience

  • Personal guidance and family-like group atmosphere

  • Tropical nature and time for swimming in Arabian Sea

  • Sunset meditations 


  • Enhance your physical and emotional health

  • Detox from the worldly way (technology included)

  • Receive tools to achieve your truest intentions

  • Gain wisdom into the feminine and masculine energy

  • Experience your energy centers / chakras

  • Understand the science of Tantra and Tantric sexuality   

  • Become more mindful and curative

  • Reveal your true self and ability to express this worth

  • Develop your intuitive capacities and healing touch

  • Be awestruck by life and your unique offering

  • Develop awareness and the capacity to direct your energy

  • Be able to set an example of conscious evolution


All teaching and activities, accommodation, manual and other materials are included.   
Three on-site meals a day plus afternoon kombucha / fruit snack excluding Sundays. Herbal tea will be available.  Hot water with ginger, lemon and honey served early morning outside of the yoga hall. Refreshments such as Indian chai and water are included.

Single Room in Double Story Bungalow  - $2,600 
Bathroom is shared with upstairs or downstairs co-students)
Shared Room in Double Story Bungalow - $2,100
(Bathroom is shared with upstairs or downstairs co-students)

Private Room in Single Story Bungalow (private bathroom) - $3,000
Shared Room in Single Story Bungalow (private bathroom) - $2,400

* EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT of $100 when you book 3 months prior to the course.
* Please contact us directly at shivashaktitantra@gmail.com to apply.


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