When I met Kamadevi Carla in the narrow lanes of the Antique Kashi-Varanasi she suddenly entered my vision space as a beaming Elf. We recognized each other immediately as it is said it happens with Guru and disciple. I immediately perceived the right soul ready for awakening, highly motivated to accomplish her self realization. Yes, the young woman was a dance of light and sensuality, evolving in harmony with natures Elements and in-tune with Mother Earth. 

She is the SPIRIT FORCE of the noble knight.

I had the vision of such a natural being. Bright, delicate and powerful, luminous indeed.

Friendly with the wind she follows its powerful breathing, opening herself to the sun she echoes the fire of  sensual love and creativity, mingling with water she is a white dolphin, diving into the depths of fluidity, while, at ease with the wild animals universe of her native Africa, she knows the essence of naturalness.

High pure soul in devotional progress she’ll reveal her excellence as a jewel as Hatha YOGA teacher and Golden Spiritual Guide. I was and am delighted to guide her and since about 8 years she has been successfully growing in awareness and realization of her specific talents. 

She is the perfect flame I have seen to continue the Guidance and the UNIVERSAL LOVE I have served all through my own LIFE. I GAVE HER THE NAME of KAMADEVI ACCORDING TO THE VIBRATION OF HER SHAKTI.

KAMADEVI is the Goddess transcending desire in its Divine kingdom.

Transmitting the warmth of sensual touch, embracing Universal LOVE and Nobel desire, respecting manifested LIFE in all levels, she incarnates Natural  Spiritual Ecology. SHE IS THE ONE TO embrace and transmit the COMPLETE NATURAL DIVINE LIFE, insufflating her powerful blow and charisma to anyone meeting her in essential disposition.

Oshi Guru Devi, Sri Parmatma Bharat Mata Ji. Spiritual Mother. 2012 


Absolute Bliss Consciousness

  • We live so much of our lives being guided by someone else or expecting that there is always an "expert" that will have all the answers. We give our power away to the media, the bosses, the gurus, the medical profession, the political system, even our parents and our partners. Through her presence and offerings, Yogini Kamadevi helps you reconnect, perhaps, with the most powerful skill and asset of all - your inner guidance and your intuition. She talks that a guru is someone who can help awaken the guru in others. She does it in a way that is subtle and life-changing at the same time. Working with Yogini Kamadevi is a journey of living an authentic, rich and juicy life open to our full potential.  With love, Sasha Alexandra Kazantseva, 

       founder of Transition Islands, Guernsey, 05.2020

  • Yogini Kamadevi, for me – lovingly, in my language – Carlunia, is above all a wonderful, colourful personality! Intelligence, strength, competence, knowledge, grace, and a sense of humor combined into one person. We met a few years ago in Goa, where I was running my own “Power Place” workshop with a large group from Poland and needed a second teacher to collaborate on this project. Kamadevi turned out to be a great partner and since then we have regularly run workshops for women together.


      Kamadevi is constantly developing and perfecting her teaching skills but is also a unique masseuse with hands that can make real miracles happen. She is a devoted friend, a real sister who loves fun and can give support in difficult times, a person who shines with goodness but can also tell the uncomfortable truth candidly and directly. She expects a lot from herself and from others. She doesn't take the easy way out. She never lies. She has the guts. I value her tremendously.  

Om Shanti. Paulina Młynarska – writer, author of 11 books, yoga teacher,

human rights activist. www.paulinamlynarska.pl  


  • I didn’t really know what to expect when having an intuitive massage with Kamadevi, it started with a lovely conversation and then she made me a beautifully intuitive essential blend which smelt just blissful. Kamadevi massaged my entire body and I could feel the energy coming through her, it was amazing. I went on a retreat the day after and had an amazing orgasmic awakening experience 4 days later. I can’t recommend her enough. So much love beautiful lady. Grace Galliott, Founder of Natural Health Clinic, Guernsey, 06.2019


  • I had a beautiful intuitive massage session with Yogini Kamadevi. I arrived feeling exhausted, confused and searching for some clarity in my life. Our time together definitely gave me the ‘aha’ moment that was needed, as well as a deeply nurturing, relaxing and releasing massage. Looking forward to seeing you again in Guernsey and having more sessions together. Thank you. Lucia, Founder of Healing Hands, Guernsey 06.2019


  • Kamadevi Carla Zurcher was gracious enough to share her positive vibes and precious time at the prestigious Eddésands resort during one week. It was a pleasure to meet her and delve into her unique intuitive massage; it sweeps and clears one's aura from negative energy and congestion, relieves muscular pain and improves circulation... It was a wonderful experience and we can't wait to repeat it! Edde Sands, ESpa, Lebanon, 06.2019


  • Thank you very much Kamadevi for my beautiful intuitive massage treatment today. I went twice and I really enjoyed it. First of all when the therapist has such a positive aura it can only be for the sake of wellbeing. I love body massage and this one was extraordinary. It felt like a mixture from different styles, soft, strong, partly Thai and it works on your chakras and at times deep breathing. Before the bodywork began I shared my physical problems and also what is on my mind, so the massage includes the body and mind therefore a mindful approach and deeply resourcing massage, you feel absolutely relaxed afterwards. The calming essential oils make you even fall into deep relaxation.... Thank you very much I can only highly recommend it to everybody.

       Silke Uys, Goa, 02.2018

  • During the winter of 2017-2018 I spent a month in Goa, India. I’d traveled by myself for an exploratory adventure…I didn’t exactly know what I would find or what to expect. I was referred to Kamadevi by another traveler who recommended I see “this amazing woman for an intuitive massage”. And so I was introduced to Kamadevi. During the course of my month long stay in India I found myself being drawn to Kamadevi. I started to receive regular massage from her and often took yoga instruction from her in small groups. The vastness of her knowledge both surprised and awakened me to a realm of living I’d not previously experienced, nor knew much about. I wanted more of what she offered, more of what she embodied. 


​      I asked Kamadevi to provide a working session with me one day to identify ways in which I could improve upon    my yogic journey. I’m not sure I even knew what that meant at the time. I thought, in part, that when finished I’d  be able to hold tree pose flawlessly while transcending earthly constraints using the vision from my newly identified third eye vision. To this day my tree pose is still wobbly, but my third eye has been awakened and I am able to journey into the universe with some ease and on a fairly regular basis. And that ability started with my work with Kamadevi.

      It is hard to explain in my limited language of chakras, asanas, and the 8 limbs of yoga what occurred during my time with Kamadevi, but I can say this: her true nature is sublime. Her connection with the One is evident. Her intuitive knowledge is used for the good of self and others, and she has a passion within to share that knowledge. I could say I learned about yoga, chakras, and myself, but I learned so much more. I learned the Universe will support me, God is everywhere and that no matter what happens to me in this world I will be cared for. Perhaps an even bigger surprise is that these lessons planted within me during my work with Kamadevi have not faded, but have continued to grow and morph into greater depth and understanding. And that feels like the work and service of a spirit that I am so very grateful to have found myself aligned with.

     On the more practical side Kamadevi provided me with a written follow up that contained suggestions for practices to continue my journey. I remain in contact with her and I look forward to the day when our paths cross once more, so I can again not only reap the benefits of her years of practice and enlightenment, but also just to spend time in her exquisite presence.

Barbara Covert, Goa, 2017-2018


  • I truly benefited and felt connected during this women's retreat, focused on The Feminine SHAKTI Within The Yoga Practice. Kamadevi is an amazing yoga teacher and spiritual guru. A beautiful person in every possible way. She holds a safe space which brings meaningfulness and joy to the atmosphere. 

      Aleksandra Gajda, Poland 2017

  • I had a series of Yoga sessions and Intuitive Massages with Kamadevi it was very pleasant, profound and imparted supportive insight to guide my way. Kamadevi Carla is an accomplished Yogini and therapist combining her solid knowledge with her personal energetic abilities. My experience with her has been excellent. 

      Aya Madani Bahri, Beirut, 05.2018

  • Kamadevi was recommended to me by my yoga teacher. It turned out to be a beautiful experience. Kamadevi supported me in a conscious reflection process via dialogue, Intuitive Massage and embodiment practices for integration. Leaving my mind and body completely still and with the sense of being grounded and elevated at the same time.

      To me an experience previously unmatched. Gro Fersnes, Norway 11. 2018, Goa

  • Sweeping out the cobwebsMy journey with Kamadevi Carla in understanding how to align the seven chakras through the practice of Hatha Yoga provided me with a gentle broom with which I began to sweep away the cobwebs of emotions and life’s experiences that had settled for many years in my body and soul. Through the knowledge imparted and the yoga practice of each session, my body began to shift and shape itself into a stronger, quieter, lighter vessel enabling my authentic spirit to emerge and to begin to settle in. I am becoming more at ease and for this I am extremely grateful.

      The seven-part Chakra series gave me an amazing gift – the understanding that I hold the magical power to clear the pathway to my soul. At any time, through the practice of yoga and meditation, I can take my gentle broom and sweep away the emotions, experiences, beliefs and habits that send my soul hiding for cover. I now understand that it is never too late to truly become me.

Pat Made, Zimbabwe, 2016


  • I recently experienced a series of 6 massages with Carla. Initially instigated by some sciatic nerve pain and a deep discomfort in the glutes. Carla’s deep mindful whole body treatment led us to some interesting discoveries along the way and eventually to some emotional realizations which led to a letting go of the cause, and hence the symptoms of the problem disappeared too.

      The treatment also led to deep relaxation and relieving of stress which left me with a softer more flexible body    and persona. If you have the opportunity... book yourself a massage with her as soon as possible. Richard John, founder of Lotus Yoga Zimbabwe, 09.2016

  • Carla’s classes are both restorative and energizing.  She has a lovely, gentle presence and is positive and encouraging.  She’s also very knowledgeable and experienced and can easily adapt her teaching to the level and wishes of the students. Whether you are looking for a gentle way into yoga or a nice complement to an existing yoga practice, you can’t go wrong with Carla. Melanie Khanna UNHCR, Geneva, 2013

  • I sincerely appreciated a lot your evening classes at UNHCR in 2012-2013 winter, your professionalism and competences both in teaching and in performing the postures is quite impressive!  It was an ideal class for me, and I enjoyed particularly your careful eye to each class participant’s practice, your calm, your natural and spontaneous ways combined with wisdom. Manuela Raffoni UNHCR, Geneva, 2013

  • Thank you so much for sharing your bright and beautiful energy. I found you had a soothing presence … any stress melted as soon as we were together in the room! 

       Mariam Younossi UNHCR, Geneva, 2012

Kamadevi is passionate for meeting people

Thirsty for new learning’s
Courageous being
Confronting herself
She speaks from her heart


No fear to be exposed

Her life
Follow her heart
Almost no compromise

Connection with human being
With the Universe
She is grateful
Deep Love for the nature and existence
She smiles to her path

Carla shines
Like a princess
On earth
Natural sophistication
People are attracted to her sparkling energy

She practices
During day
Enjoying life
Believes " what is good for her, comes to her "

She shares experiences
With pure passion
Gives some right word

She dances
She lets her body be danced
By the rhythm of life

She say's :

 La vie est beeelle, belle est la vieee... 
Music is all around when you are open to it...

Griscia Yodeva Hoch, June 2012



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