September 2012

When I met Kamadevi Carla in the narrow lanes of the Antique Kashi-Varanasi she suddenly entered my vision space as a beaming Elf. We recognized each other immediately as it is said it happens with Guru and disciple. I immediately perceived the right soul ready for awakening, highly motivated to accomplish her self realization. Yes, the young woman was a dance of light and sensuality, evolving in harmony with natures Elements and in-tune with Mother Earth. 

She is the SPIRIT FORCE of the noble knight.

I had the vision of such a natural being. Bright, delicate and powerful, luminous indeed.

Friendly with the wind she follows its powerful breathing, opening herself to the sun she echoes the fire of  sensual love and creativity, mingling with water she is a white dolphin, diving into the depths of fluidity, while, at ease with the wild animals universe of her native Africa, she knows the essence of naturalness.

High pure soul in devotional progress she’ll reveal her excellence as a jewel as Hatha YOGA teacher and Golden Spiritual Guide. I was  and am delighted to guide her and since about 8 years she has been successfully growing in awareness and realization of her specific talents. 

She is the perfect flame I have seen to continue the Guidance and the UNIVERSAL LOVE I have served all through my own LIFE. I GAVE HER THE NAME of KAMADEVI ACCORDING TO THE VIBRATION OF HER SHAKTI.

KAMADEVI is the Goddess transcending desire in its Divine kingdom.

Transmitting the warmth of sensual touch, embracing Universal LOVE and Nobel desire, respecting manifested LIFE in all levels, she incarnates Natural  Spiritual Ecology. SHE IS THE ONE TO embrace and transmit the COMPLETE NATURAL DIVINE LIFE, insufflating her powerful blow and charisma to anyone meeting her in essential disposition.

                             OM SAT CHIT ANANDA 


Melanie Khanna UNHCR, Geneva, 2013


Carla’s classes are both restorative and energizing.  She has a lovely, gentle presence and is positive and encouraging.  She’s also very knowledgeable and experienced and can easily adapt her teaching to the level and wishes of the students. Whether you are looking for a gentle way into yoga or a nice complement to an existing yoga practice, you can’t go wrong with Carla. 


Manuela Raffoni UNHCR, Geneva, 2013


I sincerely appreciated a lot your evening classes at UNHCR in 2012-2013 winter, your professionalism and competences both in teaching and in performing the postures is quite impressive!  It was an ideal class for me, and I enjoyed particularly your careful eye to each class participant’s practice, your calm, your natural and spontaneous ways combined with wisdom.


Mariam Younossi UNHCR, Geneva, 2012


Thank you so much for sharing your bright and beautiful energy. I found you had a soothing presence … any stress melted as soon as we were together in the room!


Griscia Yodeva Hoch ( Massage therapist ) June 2012 

Kamadevi is Passionate for meeting people

Thirsty for new learning’s
Courageous being
Confronting herself
She speaks from her heart

No fear to be exposed

Her life
Follow her heart
Almost no compromise

Connection with human being
With the Universe
She is grateful
Deep Love for the nature and existence
She smiles to her path

Carla shines
Like a princess
On earth
Natural sophistication
People are attracted to her sparkling energy

She practices
During day
Enjoying life
Believes " what is good for her, comes to her "

She shares experiences
With pure passion
Gives some right word

She dances
She lets her body be danced
By the rhythm of life

She say's :

 La vie est beeelle, belle est la vieee... 
Music is all around when you are open to it ...



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