An invitation to align yourself with the yogic wisdom, by gaining apt insight and practical ability to apply this experiential science into your life. A process of fine-tuning and toning the body mind, easefully and with empowering approaches. Adapted to your aspirations and what you are ready to learn. As this is vast subject and an ever-evolving process.


For beginners you will embark on a journey of inner transformation and receive authentic yogic transmission to guide you in establishing the foundations required. For the advanced practitioner or teachers, I will offer deepened theory and practices to meet your inner call. With a potential initiation to support perception and powerful healing mechanisms to empower you into a more self-realized You.

When the physical practice is a prayerful dance, at times static and then in flow.

One discovers this physical expression as a landscape of profound education.

Epiphanies arise as the body opens and the mind subsides. Reflected residue of a contracted self or any limited beliefs surface, traces and tendencies of suffering begin to transform into wisdom and strength is found within.

When the body and mind dissolve into this merging of deep dedication

to Shakti (mother earth) and Shiva (father sky) a soulful alchemy occurs.


Click here for further information on Hatha Yoga.


  • Established healthy body posture and awareness of breath

  • Breath centred practices for fluid meditative states

  • Attuning the mind and body into higher vibrations, working with intentions

  • Chakra and energy centered yoga practice

  • Integration of purification practices (6 Kriyas)

  • Understanding and experiencing the eight limbs of yoga  

  • Experience improved sleep with Yoga Nidra

  • Nature’s Healing Wisdom; Using herbs and food as medicine

  • Receive a yoga class routine to do at home (designed especially for you, sent as a video format)


  •  Payment prior to class (via PayPal, link provided below).

  •  Available in English and French.

  •  We will use Zoom for our sessions. 

  •  We will set up a personal program to reach your goal (if you feel it necessary). 

  •  Between sessions, you’ll dig into inspiring and challenging homework (for integration).

  •  Prior to some of our sessions, I’ll ask you a few questions (via email) to help you explore your intention and overall preparations.




  • Single sessions:  60€  

  • Package option: 500€ for 10 sessions  /  100€ discounted (10 hours).

  • Package option: 275€ for 5 sessions  /  55€ per session (5 hours).

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