• Hatha Yoga 


“HA” meaning SUN and “THA” the MOON…..
YOGA union


The journey is one of recognizing, experiencing and becoming aware of this greater state of union. Where a revealing of the ones inward and universal alignment occurs. Becoming masters (awakening the Guru within) so to navigate through life's duality from this source of non-duality, an everpresent harmony within and beyond.

Kamadevi Carla 

Hatha Yoga is a system of Yoga revealed by Yogi Svatmarama in the 15th century he compiled the

“ Hatha Yoga Pradipika “, along with his own yogic experience. Amongst other fundamental texts the techniques I use are based on this foundation originating from the tradition of Hatha Yoga. I have also incorporated and adapted what I have learnt from my teachers, along with what comes to me intuitively guiding participants accordingly, by being attentive to what they are ready to receive

Here as follows links for further information regarding the three classical Sanskrit texts of Hatha Yoga:

 Gheranda Samhita   /   Hatha Yoga Pradipika   /   Shiva Samhita


Weaving the insights and process of the eight limbs of ashtanga yoga into my classes, are the foundational seeds for an integral practice and fruitful personal evolution.  

Making use of some repetitive movements brings strength to the body and alertness of the mind, which in turn supports the necessity of stillness which is required when holding an asana. Accompanying the preparation of the body and mind to go deeper into a soulful embrace. Discovering the energy flow, giving steadiness, health, and lightness of the body these are the first steps on the path of Hatha Yoga.



An over all view; what Hatha Yoga brings in daily life        
  • Joy to live in the present moment.


  • Stability and harmony of the mind and body, general well-being.


  • Awareness of ones respiration, bringing clarity in the thought process, ability to relax and let go of tensions. 


  • Able to approach challenges and decisions with a greater consciousness.

A Hatha Yoga class is composed of the following 
  • Pratyahara ( awareness phases )

  • Warm ups ( preparing the body )

  • Sun salutations​

  • Asanas ( postures )

  • Pranayamas ( breathing techniques )

  • Shavasana / Yoga Nidra ( final relaxation, yogic sleep / meditation ) 







Let your practice be a celebration of life. 
- Seido lee deBarros

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