When a soulful perception of our truth guides our genius and a purposeful path is paved.


There is a voice inside of us which whispers, it is our higher consciousness, the inner voice from our inner worlds.

A guidance system which is interconnected to The Universal, The Divine, The Source and wishes wisdom, for the attunement to our wellbeing. By listening to this voice, we are aligning ourselves to what’s right for us. It is a loyal link of truth, a trusting in something that is larger than just the instinctual and intellectual, as we are integral beings created physically and spiritual.


The Art of Universal Guidance, with energetic scanning so to feel into the essential areas that yearn for attention.

I will use powerful healing mechanisms to empower you into a more self-realized You.


As a creator, I am moulding the light and dark within myself to bring forth an expressionism

of expansive dwelling. Where the Inner worlds, of layers and contrasts

meet the outer realms and breath as one.



  • Re-establish this inner tuition and become more wise

  • Attune to intuition with meditation and embodiment practices

  • Creating space in your life to welcome the new

  • Discover the Chakra System and integrate its benefits

  • Learn about the energetics of our universe; law of attraction, synchronicity and much more…

  • Release negative patterns are replace them with positive ones

  • Stand in your unique expression of personal freedom and potential

  • Receive a routine to support conscious living


  •  Payment prior to class (via PayPal, link provided below).

  •  Available in English and French.

  •  We will use Zoom for our sessions. 

  •  We will set up a personal program to reach your goal (if you feel it necessary). 

  •  Between sessions, you’ll dig into inspiring and challenging homework (for integration).

  •  Prior to some of our sessions, I’ll ask you a few questions (via email) to help you explore your intention and overall preparations.




  • Single sessions:  60€  

  • Package option: 500€ for 10 sessions  /  100€ discounted (10 hours).

  • Package option: 275€ for 5 sessions  /  55€ per session (5 hours).

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