Experience a 90-minute session with various techniques, including Reiki, Deep Tissue Massage, Chakra Cleansing, Aromatherapy and Shamanic Intervention! Allow Kamadevi to support you in the immersion of relaxation and a state of mindfulness that will help you clear stresses while focusing on your goals… If you are seeking wellbeing, inner harmony and mental equanimity, this treatment is definitely for you!

"Carla Zurcher, in the spiritual name of Kamadevi that I gave her; is a rare opportunity to discover an excellent Hatha Yoga teacher and a unique Intuitive Massage innovator. Her loving nature will reveal ones highest qualities to be developed within your specific being. She is first of all a young highly gifted Guru, to guide one on the path of

Self-Realization, in the most natural way. To be who you really are, simple and powerful." 

Sri Oshi Guru Devi (Kamadevi’s Spiritual Mother)

"The very word intuition has to be understood. You know the word tuition—tuition comes from outside, somebody teaches you, the tutor. Intuition means something that arises within your being; it is your potential, that’s why it is called intuition. Wisdom is never borrowed, and that which is borrowed is never wisdom. Unless you have your own wisdom, your own vision, your own clarity, your own eyes to see, you will not be able to understand the mystery of existence." OSHO

I recently experienced a series of 6 massages with Carla. Initially instigated by some sciatic nerve pain and a deep discomfort in the glutes. Carla’s deep mindful whole body treatment led us to some interesting discoveries along the way and eventually to some emotional realizations which led to a letting go of the cause, and hence the symptoms of the problem disappeared too.


The treatment also led to deep relaxation and relieving of stress which left me with a softer more flexible body and persona. If you have the opportunity... book yourself a massage with her as soon as possible.


Richard John, founder of Lotus Yoga Zimbabwe

Harare, 09.2016

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