Such strong women are equally fragile, for their power perceives and sensitivity prevails into the elusive and obvious. Watch the bird as she soars in the skies regardless of direction, taken by a gale which knows, or perched within a sunrays tale. Calling woefully or chirpily it trusts to be heard. Echo in the valleys of the storm miserably meandering, thundering, shaking and cold, not afraid to express distress. Rather best then accrued, as rawness is wild and wonderful such as a women, weaving her sway and delicacy. All to say let her be heard in the complexities as a surge of eloquence may shed light admits such perplexity.

By Kamadevi Carla Zürcher



Don’t go without me

Such as the nights sky is not without the star held within the galaxy

Or the winds free within the atmosphere.


I have seen through your eyes you have taught me to expand my perception

When I do, there is oneness to arrive in sight of unbounded love.


My heart opens, like the heavy clouds that part way

Exposing sky blue l become one with you.

By Kamadevi Carla Zürcher



Be warped by the tales of winds which wonder the lonely hills. Where wizards send wishes for spring blossoms to kiss the lips of new found lovers. Here in the dawn of moist surrender, encapsulated by an atmosphere in the utmost sphere of here. Where were we my dear? I am lost in the valleys of your thighs and rhythmic climate of climax. I see we are entranced by the spells of erotic intoxication, enchanted as your chants weave magnetically into the bird’s song. Please don’t stop singing to me… for all of creation, the gods and goddesses are grateful for our timeless Tantra. 

By Kamadevi Carla Zürcher



Perplexed by the separation of lovers when time comes to sweep them away into the void of uncertainty. How life perpetually pauses memories in the sands of what has pasted, with lasting impressions of what was and what could be. The waters rise washing the minds gloomy glance of worries far behind and instead traces the essence of sensitivity in the path to unfold. As the past dies into the present a part of you remains with me, and while the future births into the here and now our souls are eternally effervescent.   


By Kamadevi Carla Zürcher



Slowing down is a way of loving yourself. Where the call for a pace that is of grace takes shape. While time filters through the looking glass of your inspired mind and hopeful heart.  Let your inner tempest surface and capture the tranquil illumination that swells from the depth and expands beyond grasp. How can one stand alone without the comprehension that all is one, and alone is as ONE. Settle in this aloneness and all will be revealed.    


By Kamadevi Carla Zürcher



I am here, so you may let-go. The masculine voice of perception accompanied by a tightened tender hold so that I may dissolve, from the real to unreal we sink into our heavenly states.      


By Kamadevi Carla Zürcher



We will go places we have never been before. An irresistible pull of loving connectivity, as the night welcomes spacious proximity. Merging in softness, vastness of my yoniverse with the present firm lingam – to be made love to deeply, softly, in all tones, when the language of sexual embrace takes over. What nourishment as the pleasure waves reunite at the heart, the male and female in glorious offering as universal composition.  Swept in position out of body and mind into one soulful heart.    


By Kamadevi Carla Zürcher



You hold me tightly in flight taken by the moments night. As stars shine bright falling on the contours of our embrace, our sight of beauty ignites realms so delight. Trembling thighs or shivers up our spine the fine line between reality and the unreal. Bewildering winds of energetic spin, I slip-away into the space of softest surrender. Caressed by sensual grace, dissolved by masculine taste sweetened lips of our love language, which has nothing more to say.    


By Kamadevi Carla Zürcher



Everyday a quintessential message sent by the unfolding petals and the touch of NOW against my skin. Yonder I see nothingness, as my eyes are windows into the limitless and as the mind subsides that which resides is worthy of the non-described.


Yet as artists, our expression is the nectar sprung from a yearning to place the deepest of our experientialism and feeling into some frame. Written, painted, danced a capturing of sorts for in awe we are as creation, in creation of the creator.  


By Kamadevi Carla Zürcher



Sleep so the night is for sleep, deep - deep said the mind to the weak body seeking peace. The pulse beats arise - ARISE for it is time to see, no need to seek just listen to your deep. The energy applauds, for rise - RISE in the tides that ride my body in rhythms of unease with an over active mind flickering through the past. Memories of youth, small baby in arms held tight by a love when mother and child come as ONE, in Spiritual Embrace, bounded by a beat of exquisite faith where light ordains. Yet a rooted pain remains, perhaps the Earths suffering state that as a result each Earthling must contemplate, as a sheer reflection of centuries of torture and ignorance extorted.


I look to myself as a speck in the fathomless oceans of it all, perplexed and scotched I feel it too. As the earth, as the mother, as to the child, as to every living creature, thus to cell as to atom … when will it all dwindle in shame, for the rebirth of a new era to regain and say… let us BE in our birthright of epiphany that mother nature gave in trinity as in UNITY;

mind, body, soul

existing, living, being,

creation, preservation, destruction




An alignment, an art and a biology of sensibility, sustainability and principles of emancipation that in turn replenish the entire universe far beyond our own perception. How can we ignore, how can we IGNORE for the call is within us ALL… let us rise one by one through the terror, for hope and love are far greater.


By Kamadevi Carla Zürcher



The iceberg of my mind I watch a catapulted tower fall and crumble from high. Frozen in the hues of darkness by pinnacles of sadness, the residue withstands in melted memories left to the riverbeds at hand. As the seer is in witness to the waters, a flow, and a life of continual motion and notion, taken aback by the currents we become submerged to surrender and arise. A ripened idea like the seed in the flow of time, where it comes from and where it shall go both are unknown.


The sun burns my sleepy state weary and yet wondrous I feel to escape, back to that dark place where I may burrow away. Seeking deep in the hidden nuances for burdens to be put a rest, in conscious recognition and address.


The thunders from my celestial wanderings reaping the astral treasures, for my inner and outer temple to be held in adept deliverance. An elimination of the old samskara’s, creates way for all that is new and untainted. Let an ardent interaction take place as my earthen body reconnects to its embrace. Such as the soft clean wind swept against my face, arising to that smile which is of an infinite grace, reminded by the thread of endless threads all woven into a wondrous play, lila, of a story to transmit and a tapestry to unveil…


By Kamadevi Carla Zürcher



As the church has its dungeons, we too must face the darker places unknown to the eyes that moreover will glorify a bewildered beauty inside. As the imposed sanctuary of buttress we see the cathedrals stand high, like masks upon masks we frame our minds. Alas unloosen the structures of imposed ideas and retrieve that tranquil source. Be marveled in the courtyards where all fruits flourish as true happiness and soft sweet rays of light serenade to say; you are you are you are and you have always been…


By Kamadevi Carla Zürcher



Through a prism time is captured,

A static memory bounded by our impressions.

A soaring bird a delighted empyrean.

A darkened cloud,

The skies await the cry and her earth receives in benevolence.

We are a mere fleeting moment just as the bird shall fall from the sky and the rains shall subside. In the distant panorama of our inner-sight an intention, a decision and as destined we pave the way in the vastitude of it all. Let the rapture of an unknown knowing unfold in a sequence untold. 

By Kamadevi Carla Zürcher


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