Online Mentorship



An opportunity to look within, to know the self and contemplate what is going on

within one’s direct experience. Making the most of what life presents

to resource, realigned and reawaken what is meaningful.

A supported process focused on subjects or situations which you wish to explore.

Guided accordingly with conscious perception (dialogue), exercises (physical, visual)

and suggested home practices and tasks for integration.

Our time together is about evolution, my gift is to hold that sacred space and transmit the pertinence required for your wholesome transformation. Stepping into a more liberated you,

as a palpable and soulful expression.




  • Those who wish to progress on The Path of Self Realization

  • You are willing to face self-limitations and find positive ways to transform

  • You wish to learn about The Energetics Of Our Universe; law of attraction, synchronicity and much more…

  • You are seeking Yogic, Artistic and Mystic Methods for wellbeing and wondrous living    

  • You yearn to be more Embodied; through movement and breathwork

  • You wish to Expand The Mind; going beyond conventional indoctrinations and conditions

  • You are seeking guidance to Healing Traumas; through Chakra Alignment and Conscious Reflection

  • You wish to gain Practical and Intuitive Tools to support everyday challenges, stress and insecurities

  • You are ready to stand in your Unique Expression Of Personal Freedom And Potential


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  •  Payment prior to class (via PayPal, link provided below).

  •  Available in English and French.

  •  We will use Zoom for our sessions. 

  •  We will set up a personal program to reach your goal (if you feel it necessary). 

  •  Between sessions, you’ll dig into inspiring and challenging homework (for integration).

  •  Prior to some of our sessions, I’ll ask you a few questions (via email) to help you explore your intention and overall preparations.




  • Single sessions:  60€  

  • Package option: 500€ for 10 sessions  /  100€ discounted (10 hours).

  • Package option: 275€ for 5 sessions  /  55€ per session (5 hours).



This option is to come together collectively with a minimum of 4 participants and is based on donation.

With the purpose of addressing questions and focused topics. I shall hold space for a specific meditation / practices to bring clarified inspiration and holistic wellbeing. 

ABOUT Kamadevi Carla Zürcher 


A dedicated and destined path has paved Kamadevi to be an example of the essence of yoga that of “self-realization”. This has led her to support others via a multidisciplinary approach of Hatha and Tantra Yoga, mystical femininity, visual arts, writing and Intuitive Massage therapy – which weave her expression and transmission.


This path of liberation “Tantra” involves personal application to awaken True meaning as to why one is here, and what the very source of our existence is. Able to transcend levels of the ego, and embody our Higher Self, inviting an innate sense of purpose which guides the way.


The journey is one of experiencing, recognising and becoming aware of this greater state of union “Yoga”. Where an unveiling of one’s inward and universal alignment can occur. Spiritual awakening is key in creating the positive change that our ecology and humanity calls for, as we are one of the same, it is our responsibility to take initiative. Kamadevi

For further information please visit the biography page


Any questions? Please write to me: 
A free 20 minute call is available to answer your questions, as well as for us to get to know each other.