To be given by Yogini Kamadevi and Yogini Gopika, founders of Shiva Shakti Tantra and adepts in transmitting the essence of yoga; which is the essential core of their lives, an innate expression.  Naturally dedicated in facilitating the awakening of humanity; it is their joy to share the love and light that yoga has to offer. Just as one of the meanings of Tantra is to weave together; by infusing their lives with yoga they have become fully integrated within their own selves, which allows them to guide their students to discover their own unique oneness of mind, body and soul.  Their purpose is to help you meet your own inner Guru while becoming firmly established in your intuitive capacity.


Yogini Kamadevi / Founder & Teacher 

Yoga has been integral to Kamadevi’s life having embraced the very physical and spiritual realms – she states: the deeper dimensions work to align one into an emancipated human being, reminding us of what already resides within, and how to awaken intuitive capacities and our full potential. Consequently she has been guided on a purposeful path; as a certified Hatha Yoga teacher with 12 years teaching experience, Reiki and Intuitive Massage therapist experienced in Vipassana meditation. Her practice focuses on Kriya Yoga, Kundalini and Tantra as well as methods of bodywork and ecstatic dance. Her creative nature complements her artistic skills (Visual Arts degree at the HEAD Geneva). She regularly provides workshops and retreats in Switzerland, the Middle East, India and Africa. Having previously implemented a Holistic Lifestyle Program at The 5-star Fusion Resort in Vietnam; Kamadevi has a well-versed approach, is open-minded and free-spirited. Her travels and consideration to cultural differences have enabled her to work accordingly within varied contexts, individually and with groups. For complete biography and further information please click here


"Carla Zürcher, in the spiritual name of Kamadevi that I gave her; is a rare opportunity to discover an excellent Hatha Yoga teacher and a unique Intuitive Massage innovator. Her loving nature will reveal ones highest qualities to be developed within your specific being. She is first of all a young highly gifted Guru, to guide one on the path of Self-Realization, in the most natural way. To be who you really are, simple and powerful."

 Parmatma Oshi Devi (Kamadevi’s Spiritual Mother)

Yogini Gopika / Founder & Teacher 

Yogini Gopika, ERYT, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Tantra Yoga Teacher, is a catalyst in inspiring others toward personal evolution; while showing the way to harmonize with the natural world and its divine energies. Her purpose has always been intuitively Tantric, to create a more boundless and fearless existence for herself and her students. Living mostly in India for the past 12 years; has helped her develop the intuition and insight necessary to facilitate inner transformation.  

She has worked side by side with Guru Yogi Prakash to develop Shanti Yoga Ashram in Nepal and has been facilitating teacher trainings there for the past few years.  Together with Kamadevi, they have developed their own training course based on this ancient Tantric lineage. When not in India she teaches classes and courses in the USA and Europe on all facets of spirituality and wellness.  She has been fully dedicated to sadhana and sharing yogic wisdom for the past 16 years; with the intention of evolution and expansion.
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Amunra / assistant teacher 

Amunra is a Tantric, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master and an intuitive life guide; gifted with the ability as a seer of the unconscious mind. He is able to guide one beyond the mental and physical limitations within one’s being; combining his vast life experiences and his otherworldly perception as sources of wisdom.


He is a natural tantric who has been driven to expand and rise above limitations. Believing that life is the greatest teacher and it is of utmost importance to be completely present with what is really going on in each moment: to see what there is to learn without getting distracted by thoughts or emotions. With this higher intention and dedication to experiential evolution, Amunra has organically and authentically integrated yoga into his teachings. 

 "Tantra is a means to know your divine nature and then the divine nature of everything.  It is a method of using the material to tune in with the immaterial, of using the manifest to know the unmanifest." 
​- Swami Satyananda Saraswati​

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