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Are you ready to expand your consciousness and activate your highest potential?  This teacher training is designed to take you deeply into the essence of yoga, while providing the space for personal growth in a supportive loving atmosphere. We will impart tools to fully embody yoga and its sacred principles, so that teaching becomes a natural evolution.
Our course is an immersion in yoga lifestyle and community that will strengthen you in ways that you never knew possible. The spiritual depth of this course is naturally conducive to self-empowerment and inner transformation. Every student is respected on his / her personal path and encouraged to cultivate their own unique expression.

May the journey begin....


Tantra is the natural evolution of yoga. It is an integral system that consists of 5 Yogas, as originally taught by Lord Shiva, the first Guru of Yoga.  
Tan means expansion, tra means freedom. Tantra is the art of being free from all physical, mental and spiritual bondages through the expansion of energy.
Unlike other systems of yoga, Tantra takes a liberal approach of embracing life in all its facets and using life as our ultimate teacher. Through accepting all that is, we find ourselves gradually liberated from all limitations and conditioning; which allows us to step fully into our personal power and the delight of being fully alive.
Tantra Yoga emphasizes the development of latent power that resides in the chakras, to heal and balance all aspects of the self - including the physical, emotional, vital, mental, and spiritual bodies. It eventually leads to supreme consciousness, the ultimate aim of human life.



Tantra itself is special, however often misunderstood. It is an ancient system of activating the dormant potential inside each and every one of us. This course is not just a yoga teacher training, but a life training providing you with what is required to fully blossom into who you are meant to become in this lifetime.  


Actually what makes our training special is you, each of you are unique and when we come together for this higher purpose a positive energy is created that will shape our course in its own beautiful expression. Sheltered in the tropical paradise of Goa you will find yourself in an expansive environment that encourages you to find your own inner yogi or yogini.


Moving beyond the physical aspect of yoga, however vital, we place utmost importance on transmitting authentic yoga in all its fullness and glory, so that you may develop your own inner capacity of truly living in yoga. It is upon this foundation of spiritual strength and wisdom that a genuine yoga teacher may emerge. We aim to provide you with the foundational building blocks needed to teach with confidence and ease as soon as you graduate.






















“I was able to hear my intuition clearly, which was supported by the calm and peaceful location and mood.  I was able to feel waves of energy coming through my body, connecting me with nature.  It was so incredible that it brought tears to my eyes.  I am grateful that I may call you both my mentors and my soul mates.  You have truly inspired my life.” — Marian

“I booked this training with the intention of deepening my own practice, and I was definitely able to do so through the extensive teachings and rituals shared during the course. The rich and comprehensive material touched upon yoga theory, history and more esoteric spiritual topics, and I would recommend the course to anyone interested in a heartfelt and non-commercialized approach to a YTT.” — Jenn

"I can testify that after my visit to the ashram almost two years ago I am continuing to feel the unfolding of the potent energy that is transmitted there. When I first came to the ashram I was suffering from numerous health issues both physical and psychological. After one month of training here I felt better than I had ever felt in my entire life. In my first class with Guruji I was freed from the physical pain that had hindered my meditation practice. With Gopika’s guidance and teachings on Ayurveda I learned how to truly live a yogic lifestyle, incorporating these teachings into the modern western lifestyle I am living now. What a gift! I am full of gratitude for everyone who has helped in bringing the eastern wisdom to the western world. We are so very in need of this science at this time! Thank you to the whole ashram family. 🙏 Hari om" — Alex B.


Jeske shares after YTTC 200h

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