​• Pregnancy Yoga​


​Preparation during pregnancy is a wise step in nurturing a harmonious state of being in the mother. As a result  accompanying the emotional, physical and spiritual development of the child.



​The foundation and benefits 

Pelvic floor –

The pelvic floor muscles should be strong and at the same time they should be flexible. The muscles need to be strong enough to hold the uterus and the baby in a proper position and they need to be flexible during child birth.

Spine and back –

Strength of the back muscles prevents postural deformities during pregnancy. Proper posture while walking is important. In general the flexibility of the body is dependent on the flexibility of back. The efficient working of the spinal cord is dependent on the correct posture of the vertebral column.

Abdominal muscles –

It is important to improve the strength of these muscles because they have to support the growing size and weight of the uterus. The strength is important to push the baby out during child birth. Yoga also helps to prevent the figure from loosing its form, excess weight and stretch marks developing after the child birth.

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