Offer’s a personalized class, orientated to the applicable needs of the individual, within the context of yoga and holistic therapies.



A more intuitive, insightful and fruitful open affiliation, between the participant and myself.

Working on specific requirements, for example; a physical injury, a present / past illness or be it psychological worries, with healing and recovery methods tailor made in accordance to the individuals temperament(s). If the participant wishes they may receive a customized yoga routine to practice at home.


For the more advanced Yogi's private classes permit an opportunity to develop and refine the yogic knowledge and significances of asanas ( postures ) and how it relates to the individuals needs.

Through close observation and corrections, the participant will have the ability to self correct, gaining a greater insight into yoga and ones personal relationship with the infinite gems of this authentic practice and tradition. The adapted program will be made as challenging as the participant requires! ​

• Private Classes

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