INNER GODDESS


Embodying your feminine essence and weave the wisdom of the goddess into your daily life.


The art of manifestation and enchantment, by living in alignment with your menstrual cycle, awakening sexual energy (our vital and creative depths) and living deeply connected to your womb wisdom. This will be accompanied by discovering Goddess archetypes and tuning into certain supportive energies that are apt for you now, this awakening of the goddess within will be a mirror and reflect your luminosity.

In Tantra, the feminine Shakti is creation; she is The vessel for consciousness Shiva to flow, her counterpart the masculine. Our birthright as women is to remember who we are, through embodying Shakti the most powerful form of energy in the Universe. 


This is invitation into awakening fearlessness - by embodying the Fierce Feminine.

Awakening pleasure - by embodying Divine Desire.

Awakening intuition - by embodying Freedom.



  • Womb wisdom and how to develop a relationship with this sanctum

  • Conscious menstruation; self-love and awareness when we have our monthly bleeding

  • Self-care and sacred sexuality

  • Sensuous grace; able to rest in a natural and expanded state of being

  • Embodiment practices to integrate into daily life

  • Nature’s Healing Wisdom; using herbs and food as medicine

  • Specialized methods to transform destructive habits and establish positive ones

  • Receive a routine that supports radiant health and vitality


  •  Payment prior to class (via PayPal, link provided below).

  •  Available in English and French.

  •  We will use Zoom for our sessions. 

  •  We will set up a personal program to reach your goal (if you feel it necessary). 

  •  Between sessions, you’ll dig into inspiring and challenging homework (for integration).

  •  Prior to some of our sessions, I’ll ask you a few questions (via email) to help you explore your intention and overall preparations.




  • Single sessions:  60€  

  • Package option: 500€ for 10 sessions  /  100€ discounted (10 hours).

  • Package option: 275€ for 5 sessions  /  55€ per session (5 hours).

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