What to expect

Inside of a lush green forest, surrounded by the abundance of Mother Nature and the ocean breeze; we will come together for the experience of a lifetime. Dedicated and disciplined daily practice within the context of a warm loving family of like minded friends with the same aspiration – to learn and embody all the facets of yoga and to evolve into yoga teachers.


The daily schedule will create a structure giving you the space and support to let go of attachments and fears; while surrendering to the process of transformation.


5:30   –  Wake-up (morning bell)
6:30   –  Yoga Class
8:30   –  Breakfast
9:30   –  Karma Yoga
10:30 –  Lecture
12:30 –  Lunch

Afternoon study time, personal time

3:00   –  Practice Teaching / Harmonium
5:00   –  Pranayama and Meditation
6:00   –  Dinner
7:00   –  Kirtan (Communal Chanting)
8:00   –  Retire to room for study, practice of mouna (silence)


* Evening program will include watching the sunset on the beach, meditations both indoors and outdoors, silent walks, kirtans and other guided practices based on the curriculum.


* Please note that the schedule is subject to change as the course develops depending on various factors. During the second half of the course as the weather warms up we will move the morning lecture to 10 am and the afternoon practical class to 3 pm. We will always take your needs into consideration. Please remain open and flexible.


* Sundays will be a free day. 

* We encourage time to go to the beach daily and have a swim, as it is just a 5-minute or 2 minute walk from Bhakti Kutir, depending on which beach you choose. We are close to Patnem and Palolem beaches.

* Please note that you will receive the full syllabus on the first day of class. Every training course is slightly different as we adjust to the needs and learning level of our students. Tantra is an integrative system, so there will be elements of all the topics throughout the entire course. Please remain flexible.

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