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Parmatma Oshi Devi

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My dear Kāmadevī, you are asking about my lineage! Actually you met a special Guru in my person, as I did not have any Spiritual Master although I met a few of them, who appeared here and there, on my path. When I was a child I had already decided to devote myself to the Divine quest or Truth research.


For a start, having been educated in a catholic context, during my adolescent years I read numerous Catholics Saints biographies and Occidental mystics writings, as famous Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and St John of the Cross, while I also started to read Oriental masters, saints or yogis, who confirmed my innate perceptions. Then my desire grew to be granted one direct mystic experience, and particularly the one known in India, as “Samadhi”. While my secret wish was to meet awakened beings and actually the first spiritual master who directly asserted that I did not need any Spiritual guide, happened to be Swami Veetamohananda, from Mysore in south India, the Spiritual director in Gretz-Armainvilliers famous Vedantic Ashram, near Paris, a place where I used to retreat twice a year in my 40ies and where famous french writer Romain Rolland, used to meditate and write. Swamiji immediately insisted that I was born enlightened, and that I should start to guide people with my natural awakened vision and wisdom.

The second person was Yogi Ram Prakash Sharmaji, whom I met in Northern India Khajuraho, in December 1998. Sharmaji directly claimed that I was born guru and urged me to immediately teach and transmit. The place I chose to keep connected with mother India, was the most ancient city of Benarès Varanasi, in Uttar Pradesh, which I recognised as my Inner City. Yogi Sharmaji as a spiritual father if not my teacher, perfectly confronted my own nature as he insisted upon using the OBSERVER within ourselves, to develop. Yes, for it is the penetrating ability to see through the appearances, that unveils the truth.


Although I had a kind of scientific tendency to research from strict observation, another part of my nature underwent a mystic inclination, in alliance with Jesus’s presence. Brought-up in a Catholic religion my parents kept a picture of Jesus in their room, baptised by John, in the Jordan river. Mesmerised by that image, when 6 years old, I decided my life would be looking for TRUTH, which I spontaneously defined as The Source.

Born at the feet of the Pyrenees mountains, during the last big war, I was lucky to grow-up in a hilly countryside where NATURE and its teachings were so rich and beautiful. After school, my dad would send me into the fields with our 16 cows, something similar to lord Krishna’s shepherd life, in his own childhood in North India. There I enjoyed meditations and one evening as I guided my herd home an inner voice said: "Now you are guiding the cows, later you will guide people''.

Indeed pastoral life under the skies vault, was my first teacher and non corrupted Initiator, for if we observe the manifested world, with sharp intelligence that speaks through the visible, we don't need any books, neither human guru, to capture the science of the invisible.


As my disciple, Kāmadevī has requested about my lineage because in the official spiritual field, a trustable Guru should come from a well established lineage..... HA HA HA !!! she did not know I had none... Oh my GOD! She was brave then, to trust my teachings without knowing. Still it was good for her that she met other gurus: “Each flower has a specific richness to offer. Isn't it!”


My Indian spiritual father, Yogi Sharmaji, told me that his own Guru was descendant from Parakh famous lineage, which in Sanskrit means the OBSERVER. I discovered later on, that another famous spiritual master named KABIR, resided in Varanasi and was reputed in this same lineage however he was also born with innate aptitude to see Truth, through appearances and simple life; therefore, without knowing it, somehow, I belong to the OBSERVERS LINEAGE and I spent 22 years in Varanasi, which I immediately recognised as my ātma Soul’s holy city on Earth.


Still, before my traveling in India, and as an answer to my spiritual researches, and to my affinities, I happened to discover a very famous Yogi; Paramahansa Yogananda through his book “Autobiography of a Yogi” which was remarkably offered to me by a Christian priest. Then I discovered that SIDDHA YOGIS are reputed to be endorsed with paranormal powers or siddhis, which actually are similar with Jesus’s abilities to manifest Miracles.


As I read Paramahansa Yogananda’s book, I related to his soul and asked him to make it possible that I may meet one of these siddhi yogi's in the years to come. It happened in 1992 as I resided in Gand, Belgium and was invited to Jivan Mukta GANAPATI Darshan, who referred to Paramahansa Yogananda, there I was, so grateful! It had been my first and unique Darshan in life, while facing that master, what I had yearned for, was fully granted as I dived into SAMADHI. This is the direct experience of what is also named in India: “God, The Divine, The Oneness, The Totality, The Inner Self.” 


After that experience I did not see the interest to remain upon this Earth dimension. Just like Swami Vivekananda, one of my favourite mystic Indian spiritual fathers..... I wished to “go”. Still let it be mentioned that at the same period, I used to spend a few retreats in Gretz Armainvilliers, near Paris, where Paramahansa Ramakrishna, the saint of Bengal and his disciple Swami Vivekananda’s teachings were available in books and conferences. I indeed felt near Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, who did not know how to write and read.

This BENGAL SAINT experienced 3 samadhi’s revelations and started teaching in favour of the UNITY OF RELIGIONS. He also answered to my own feeling about unity or religions and unity of spiritual paths. To conclude, dear disciples of mine... it should be specified so to PLEASE YOUR BEAUTIFUL CURIOSITY ABOUT ME, that in my young times I immersed within Esoteric studies during University years, reading the reputed TORAH and KABBALAH, to realise that most of the highest teachings were there. However I always felt, it was not essential, because I had the innate vision that The LOVE KINGDOM a supreme power, GOES BEYOND KNOWLEDGE AND SCIENCE and of course, that is why I always felt related to Jesus and I loved his sermon on the mountain. Jesus, the one who proposed INNER SELF QUESTIONING before condemning others. Actually Spirituality is rich in many countries, and among the Occidental field, even Christian religion with all its weaknesses, gave birth to stupendous mystic persons, who revealed their own highest spiritual discoveries, joining in with some of the Hindu Eastern discoveries and teachings.

Let me insist upon some western countries, with great soulful masters or guides as St Hildegard of Bingen from Germany, St Teresa of Ávila from Spain, St John of The Cross, St Francois from Assisi, the mystic Saint Irénee. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin who actually travelled a lot in India and was highly appreciated by Indian Spiritual members. C.G Jung and his wonderful writings "The Ways Of Depths" or "La Voie des profondeurs". How wonderful to meet all these spirits, researchers and “reveal consciousness”... However, beyond all, what must be specified is that Yogis and Tibetan high spirited masters and teachings, had been strangely present in my life since I was 5 years of age.

I remember perfectly, hearing about them on my parent’s Radio TSF, that Yogis and high ancestral masters, resided in the Himalayas and Tibet. Considering the whole travels within my intuitive research, I teach BHAKTI YOGA as devotional Love and Faith. Inclusive of JNANA YOGA, to reveal the pearls of knowledge and establish the required embodied wisdom. Concerning Kāmadevī, what I saw in her, was that she would become a perfect Hatha Yoga teacher for she personifies the highest qualities to develop in total harmony of mind, body and soul in its absolute expression. Her quality in profound Love and Wisdom, makes her perfectly authentic and blessed. To conclude I will insist upon the important aspect of my teachings which has been to create a spiritual bridge between Occident and Orient treasures, by transmitting the most beautiful and precious spiritual links between Western and Eastern Mystics, Yogis and Saints.


Dearest Kāmadevī ‘Carla Zürcher’ may my discrete Love, beyond space and teachings, be your companion and guide through simplicity and purity.

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