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         Most Gurus, at least in India, come from one or another lineage, of which some are quite reputed. Actually I did not have any Spiritual Master in my life. Although I did meet a few of them on my free itinerary, along the varied spontaneous paths, of which my life did honour happily. I was half devoted to my natural gifts in several arts, half orientated towards researches, as my nature since youth had been joyfully hungry for any truth, about what human beings name the Divine. During adolescence I was busy reading the autobiographies or reports about Catholic Saints. I also planned travels to look for any reputed Asian masters, saints or yogis who would confirm my innate perceptions and eventually teach me something more. Actually since I was a little girl I had the intuitive knowledge of what ought to be the Divine. Then to check it out, could we say, I would right away need to immerse in a mystic state revealing it, or directly experiencing the famous Samadhi. Yes I did aim for that, but without any fixed idea, as I never had fixed ideas except to keep free... haha ha .... still Indeed I secretly wished to be granted the famous Samadhi. To make it short, although I had no masters, my walking along in life and inspiration, brought me to meet some of them who recognized me as an awakened individual, not needing any guru. The one whom I adopted as my spiritual father and met in India’s famous Khajuraho, in December 1998, specified I was born a guru and urged me to immediately teach and transmit. Precedently in France, an old friendly man recommended me to meet Swami Veetamohananda the spiritual director in Gretz Armainvilliers at the famous Vedantic Ashram in 1990, when I was about thirty-eight. Swamiji confirmed that I did not need any guru, kindly insisted that I should teach and offer my spiritual perception and enlightened visions. Revealing the light and knowledge that secretly resides in the Manifested World, or CREATION, which in India is named “The Great Maya or illusory world.” Actually in my perception, the OUTSIDE always revealed the INSIDE - It is only a question of an ability to read, to introspect. The outer world teaches us about the inner world or invisible reality.

             By a penetrating ability to see through and beyond appearances, we discover that TRUTH reveals and teaches us on the wings of appearance. OBSERVING, looking closely into the visible, brings you to see and capture, that it is the invisible which brings forth and sustains the visible.

Yes, my spiritual awareness was roused since early childhood as soul presence spoke intensely to me through states of contemplation. I was conceived and born in the fullness of nature’s embrace as my true Mother Earth Vibe. When I was six years old, facing my eyes in the mirror I had the instantaneous revelation that; the light in my eyes was directly connected with what I always loved to name, the Primordial Source. I had a kind of scientific tendency to study and research from strict observation, and another part of my nature was a mystic soul. Who vibrated in particular to the alliance with Jesus Christs image, which I discovered in my father Joseph and mother Maria's bedroom. There was a framed image on the wall representing that man, being baptized in the Jordan river. Mesmerized I often entered the room to contemplate that scene. I instinctively knew my life would be a solitary voyage looking for what people named “TRUTH” and which I immediately defined as The Source.

When six or seven years old I was sent into the fields to look after our herd of twenty cows and there I had my innate meditations. Once, while taking the herd home under the "shepherd star", an inner voice told me: "Now you are guiding the cows, later you will guide people". Yes Indeed The CREATED WORLD or CREATION, was my first teacher, remaining the non-corrupted Initiator.

OBSERVING, is one of the highest disciplines, because what we observe teaches us the precious understanding, which enables us to practice anywhere in varied situations. If you observe the outer world, the manifested world, with the intelligence that awakens significance and speaks through the visible, then you become aware of the non-visible! You don't need any book, human guru, neither eventually a non-human guru!

It is thence, much later that I was to discovered my spiritual father in Khajuraho, North India, was actually related with the Lineage of OBSERVERS or Parakh, in Sanskrit which actually is the teaching from KABIR, the renowned Muslim guru, who resided in Varanasi. How Wonderful....Without knowing it, I belonged somehow to this family lineage of OBSERVERS and I spent twenty years in Varanasi. I was not awakened by them, but recognized as a Guru by one of them, in the name of Yogi Ram Prakash Sharma Ji who left his body in 2009. Still, my dear spiritual daughter, you ought to know and mention, that much more precedently through my travels in India, I happened to be connected with one of the greatest Yogi lineages from India, named SIDDHI YOGIS and who are reputed to be endorsed with what we would name in Europe, paranormal powers which actually are similar with Jesus Christ abilities to manifest, what we name in Europe, Miracles.

Catholic religion was my childhood, a kind of companion as my parents educated me in catholic churches, where I listened about VANGELS. They very much pleased my spirit, while I rejected insisting priests and sermons, regularly threatening about guilt. I was bound to read the BIBLE and immediately rejected the Ancient Testament promoting a psychopathic kind of God asking Abraham to kill his own son, as a proof of love to him. My non conditioned spirit, very quickly located main anomalies which appeared now and then through several so called religious recommendations or statements.

Within my early adolescence I devoted to personal writings about what I felt to be the righteous and healthy SPIRIT OF LIFE and LOVE. In parallel, esoteric studies were my favourite during University years, exploring the reputed Jewish TORAH and KABBALAH, realizing that most of the highest teachings and revelations were there. Yet, it still turned out to be only sacred science and knowledge, of course thrilling and bringing some kind reassurance about my instinctive inner recognitions. However I always felt it was somehow not essential, BECAUSE OUR LOVE KINGDOM GOES BEYOND KNOWLEDGE AND SCIENCE. That is why I confess that my favourite spiritual “essence guide”, was Jesus sermons, just like the one upon the MOUNTAIN. Jesus, proposing inner self questioning before condemning others and thus appearing to be a healthy Spiritual Master. I always felt his energy was pure and his principles totally righteous under several very subtle aspects. As I always had a kind of propension with refined psychological insight regarding myself and anyone in front of me. Actually spirituality is rich in many countries, and among the Occidental field, even Christian religion gave birth to stupendous mystic persons, as special saints who revealed their own spiritual highest discoveries, joining in with some of the Hindu Eastern discoveries and teachings. Only they were kept secret because of the Christian religion opposing itself to Eastern modes. In western religions, catholic religion, St Hildegard Of Bingen, as a Woman, in Germany, St Teresa of Ávila from Spain, St John of The Cross, St Francis from Assisi, Saint Irénee (he was the unique one in early ages, to state that what we name God is our Inner fundamental ultimate reality. Only he kept discrete because it would have been dangerous, within the Church domination, to insist upon his discovery). Renowned Pierre Teilhard de Chardin became one of my favourites. I discovered he travelled a lot in INDIA and was highly appreciated by revered Indian spiritual persons. I wish also to mention another great Spirit and enlightened man, however not referred as such, is CG Jung. Discovering his wonderful writings named "The Ways Of Depths" or "La Voie Des Profondeurs" when I was twenty-six years old, was an ecstasy nearly! How wonderful to meet all these spirits and researchers who “revealed consciousness”...

However, what must be specified is that Yogis along with Tibetan spirited masters and their teachings, had been strangely present in my life since I was about five years old. I remember perfectly well hearing about them, on my parent’s Radio via TSF. The first time I heard that Yogis and ancestral masters resided in the Himalayas and in Tibet, I had some strange instinctive ancestral memory, mentioning the AKASHIC FIELD as a background of my own instinctive presence. SIDDHI YOGIS, how did they come into my life while in France? Actually, when I was twenty-six years old, one humble Christian priest whom I met while travelling in Belgium Ardennes mountains, gave me the book entitled: “Autobiography of a Yogi”, which immediately connected me with that famous Indian lineage named SIDDHI LINEAGE; the Yogis who have supernatural powers, that are serving from a place of beatitude.

I read the book in two days and right away connected with the author, Paramahansa Yogananda and asked him (meaning requested his soul) to make it possible that I would meet such a lineage of Yogi’s in the years to come. It happened in 1992, as I stayed in Gent, Belgium and was invited in Darshan with one Siddhi Yogi named Jivan Mukta GANAPATI. It has been my first and unique Darshan in life and while facing that master I immediately fell into The Samadhi experience. What I had yearned for was fully granted, as I DIVED INTO DIVINE SOURCE OF UPPER CONSCIOUSNESS. What I had demanded had been granted: I indeed received the highest grace. This was the direct experience of what is named in India “God, The Divine, Oneness” The Totality, The Inner Self. There, everything is accomplished, nothing more is to be researched or done, neither demanded. It brings the amazing experience of COMPLETENESS, BEATITUDE, INFINITE LOVE, INFINITE BEAUTY, INFINITE TENDERNESS, INFINITE PEACE, all attributes are there, fulfilled. EXPERIENCING THE TOTALITY, The RADIANT, experiencing that we are THAT. The UNIVERSE BREATHING, THE WHOLE OF CREATION AND RESORPTION, THERE, EVERYTHING IS ACCOMPLISHED. After that experience I did not see the interest to remain upon this earth and dimension. Just like Swami Vivekanand, one of my favourite mystic Indian spiritual fathers. I wished to “go”. However, it must be specified, that meanwhile, during this same period, I was having special meetings in the Ramakrishna Vedantic Centre, in Gretz Armainvilliers, which brought me precious correlations that confirmed my own specific nature as a Mystic, Spiritual Soul and Guide. In this centre was taught the Complementarity and Unity of religions and mystics ways, this is where the famous French writer Romain Rolland used to meditate and write many articles which supported the spiritual sprang in France. I spent a few retreats there and felt very near Paramahansa Ramakrishna, teachings and spiritual experiences. He is known as the saint of Bengal and his famous disciple Swami Vivekananda went to America, to spread the Vedanta teachings and Unity Of Religions. I indeed felt near that simple saint, Paramahansa Ramakrishna, who did not know how to write and read. Born in Calcutta and later named the BENGAL SAINT, he experienced the three kinds of samadhi revelations; with KALI MATA regarding Hinduism, with MOHAMED the Prophet for Muslim religion, and with JESUS for Christian religion. From that he developed his precious teachings in favour of UNITY OF RELIGIONS which is essential to establish peace between all religious and mystics ways, of course including all kind of YOGAS.

With consideration to the whole of my travels in intuitive research, I encourage and teach BHAKTI YOGA for devotional Love and Faith, inclusive of JNANA YOGA for wisdom based knowledge. As for Kāmadevī, what I saw for her was that she would become a perfect HATHA YOGA teacher, personifying the qualities of total harmony in the mind, body and soul in its utmost expression. Her innate profound Love and Knowledge, makes her a perfectly authentic and blessed Guru. As to conclude I will insist upon the important basic purpose of my teachings which has been to create a spiritual bridge between Occident and Eastern treasures of the upper consciousness. By adding and transmitting the most beautiful spiritual insights, while maintaining the precious link between Western and Eastern Mystics, Yogis and Saints.


Dearest Kāmadevī ‘Carla Zürcher’ may my discrete Love, beyond space and teachings, be your companion and guide through simplicity and purity.