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My journey towards Truth.

Having grown up between Zimbabwe and Europe, I was exposed to Africa’s wild essence, spacious vistas, a sense of rootedness to the Earth, along with an obvious feeling of connection to the spirit realms. Traveling throughout Europe, my father exposed me to the art world which broadened my perspective and gave me an outlet to express my intuitive knowing. In recognizing that I was an artist before anything else and that life was my canvas allowed me to ponder the deeper questions early on: Where do I come from? Why am I here? Who am I? 

I began my yoga practice at the age of 15 and infused it into everyday experience, to heal and expand my trust. I became conscious that I was on a path cherished by the divine and ushered in by destiny. I magnified my own evolutionary process of working into the human layers of body, mind, and spirit. I learned how to tap into the source of love, power, and wisdom with Life as my teacher. 

With a strong dedication to further deepening my inner world, I spent a year in India at 19, which lead me to the Kalighat Temple in Calcutta (one of the 51 Shakti Peethas). There, the Goddess illuminated my life and spiritually transformed it. I began to enter altered states of reality and experience siddhis (yogic powers) for three days which lead me to the holy city, Varanasi. There, I met my Spiritual Mother. I was overcome with waves of tremendous healing and guidance with our meeting. Through her guidance, precision, clairvoyance, and affection, my gifts became clearer to me.

My life purpose became known to me. I had intuitively been practicing Tantra Yoga with a devotion to

consciousness (Shiva) and creation (Shakti). This transformational moment invited me to support women in unveiling their innate feminine power (vital aspects of Shakti) by facilitating retreats, workshops, and women’s circles around the world.

Facilitator for 200-HR Tantra Yoga Teacher Trainings, Goa, India, 2019.

Designed to take one deeply into the essence of Tantra Yoga as an integral system. Certified by Yoga


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