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Align with your highest path through the revered teachings of Tantra Yoga.


About Kamadevi

Kāmadevī is a Mystic Leader who supports individuals in nourishing their body-mind temple. Through her transmission of authentic Yogic teachings, you will learn how to become self-sustainable on your spiritual path. Kāmadevī offers 1:1 Somatic Mentorship, Tantra Yoga Teacher Trainings, Yoga Retreats, Feminine Empowerment and Holistic Bodywork. Her mission is to invite you into higher states of being by cultivating your innate harmony, wisdom and self-empowered nature.

Kāmadevī shows much professionalism and strength in her space-holding capacity. I felt that she truly cares for my growth & thriving. Not just during, but also in between the sessions. She gave me tailor-made inputs and tools on how I can deal with things coming up during everyday life. Which is why I find 1:1 mentorship invaluable on this life journey.

I love that Kāmadevī works with the material that is currently at hand, flows smoothly with each session while maintaining the vision of the greater personal and universal objective. I appreciate Kamadevi’s tantric vision on the human experience a lot - nothing is denied or shamed, on the contrary, supposed to be loved and brought from the shadows to the light. Kāmadevī shows high integrity in living what she preaches, which makes her a trustworthy mentor. Thank you Kāmadevī for all your love, support and patience, for sharing your wisdom. Infinite gratitude and I wish so many more women can benefit from your extraordinary work.

Rahel Landolt

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1:1 Mentorship

1:1 Mentoring allows you to dive deeper into your spiritual practice. The focus is on karmic alignment, and a special emphasis on tantric technique helps you reconnect and rejuvenate your mind-body temple.


Yoga Teacher Training

Yogini Kāmadevī holds Tantric Yoga Teacher Trainings certified by Yoga Alliance that are held all over the world.

I am passionate about our depths, zest and radiance. To be connected and content, grounded and elongated, empowered as divine feminine and masculine, practical and spiritual, all of duality harmoniously woven together to create a unified experience.

This Yoga with its ripple effect of consciousness, shimmers fourth and uplifts us.

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